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Taylormade Cattle Company & Sankey's 6N Ranch is excited to offer a lot of 
3 embryos from Sankey's Starburst 108B2 x Atlanta of Salacoa 488Z, a proven Lambert of Brinks son that is making heads turn with his progeny in the 2017 Source of Champions Sale on Thursday, July 27th in Texarkana, Arkansas. 

Starburst (R10274575) hails from the great Sankey's Caliente 108 cow family that has a proven track record in the show ring and pasture. She calved at 2 years old and then produced 28 embryos and 20 frozen eggs on 2/3/2017. She was bred on 3/8/17 to Atlanta and is safe in calf. Here is an opportunity to own two legacy cow families that combine performance, reproductive soundness + style. For more information call Chris Sankey at (620) 343-0456. 

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